A student, teacher, researcher, photographer, husband, and a dad

As a student; I hold a BA in English Language Teaching from Anadolu University, an MA in TEFL from Bilkent University in Turkey, and a PhD in Applied Linguistics and Technology from Iowa State University. 

As a teacher; I worked as an EFL instructor at Düzce University in Turkey for seven years and as an ESL instructor at Iowa State University for six years. I taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses at the tertiary level.

As a researcher; I have presented at local and international conferences. My research interests are  computer-based speaking assessment, CALL use in material development and assessment, and English for Specific Purposes. 

As a photographer; a Nikon guy since day one! I am not and have never “claimed” to be a professional photographer. I am completely self-taught and work exclusively with natural light, still life, and abstract photography.

As a husband; I am married to the best, the kindest, and the most generous woman in the world.

As a dad; I am trying to be the best, the kindest, and the most generous dad in the world.